SBC has been attacked

Thank you for the concern by all friends and readers of SBC. We are sorry for missing for the past few weeks, SBC has been attacked by some bots. That is why you can only see blog exceed bandwith limit notification for the past few weeks. Paying for the extra bandwidth fee will not be helping since the bots eats over 500MB bandwith per day. We are still trying to find solutions for this problem. Our hosting is not giving much help on this, most probably will change hosting.

sorry for missing 300x225 SBC has been attacked


Top 10 facts about bersih 2.0

I already warn my friends and readers, don’t go to Kuala Lumpur today, 9 july 2011 but some still don’t listen. A massive jammed  had been reported since the early morning. Today is a half work day for some and they need to past police road block to go to office.  Some friends need to get through 3 long hours of jammed just to get out from Kuala Lumpur today. International media had been given their attention on the bersih rally with most of them say “Bersih 2.0 is a movement for Malaysia better democracy”. Here is SBC Top 10 facts about bersih 2.0 that you should know.

Top 10 facts about bersih 2.0 300x194 Top 10 facts about bersih 2.0


SBC just want to show-off

Do you think SBC just want to show-off? We received a tweet on Tuesday that asked us for help on disable right click for blogspot. We reply to her that we will make a post about it later. When I look for the tweet today, it was missing and I don’t remember what that newbies blogger asked me. I tweet her and asked what exactly the question. Maybe because we are late to reply her tweet, she tweet us again, “Do you really HELP bloggers or just to show off????”.

SBC just want to show off SBC just want to show off (more…)

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